Contact Touch Button Memory


1-Wire Drivers  v.4 3

1-Wire® products provide combinations of memory, mixed signal, and secure authentication functions via a patented single contact serial interface.

Hindi Video Songs  v.

Collection of Hindi Video Songs. App Requires an Internet Connection to play videos. ********** This Application will be updated from Time to Time. If you have any requests, Please send them to me using the "Contact us" button in the application.


Mouth1 Face memory game

Face memory Look at the face. bmemorize it it is the face of a true american hero. the following excerpt is short, but it may serve to give you some idea of what kind. Test, improve your memory or just have fun with st memory puzzle, a d concentration

My Circle  v.

My circle is an elegant app which gives easy access to your close personal and work contacts with one touch dialing to mobile, work, home, SMS and email. Features - Helps you organize your close contacts you frequently call, text or email. - One

DMJ Recruitment  v.

Bespoke recruitment solutions from experienced recruitment professionals. DMJ Recruitment is an established and respected name in the legal, legal support, company secretarial and finance profession. Our mobile app allows you to conduct an immediate

WX Smart Desktop  v.X2

Improve your productivity with an Smart Desktop over 300 features and tools.

EnCalc  v.2 8

EnCalc is a portable windows calculator with practical built in features! EnCalc has a simple, easy-to-use interface with so many useful features, you'll find that it will quickly become your favorite calculator!

Mobile Phone SIM Card Recovery  v.

Restore SIM Card Messages via Mobile Phone SIM Card Recovery software which is freely available on developer’s website helps to salvage lost SIM card information. Restoration tool is comfortable to generate text report.

FileTouch  v.

When developing or testing software, there are times when you need to reset a file's date and time created, last modified, and/or last accessed. FileTouch modifies file date/times on individual files, or sets of files.

Battlelog WP7  v.

>>If your having problems with the app, please scroll down to the bottom for help<< UPDATE: Now includes weapon and vehicles stats (With filters) This application will show your battlefield 3 stats on your mobile Windows Phone. This app gets data

Timezone Converter  v.

Converts a date/time from one time-zone to another. This application is great for scheduling international trips as well as convenient times for overseas conference calls, webinars and phonecalls to friends and relatives. Most other applications

Books Explorer  v.

Books Explorer allows you to search for your favorites books and ebooks on the web, to read books details and to search for prices on the online stores... all in one app! If you have suggestion to improve this software please let me know by clicking

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